Stephen is a US Army Veteran, who served as a mechanized infantry medic and flight medic while stationed in Germany and NTC out of Ft Irwin. He has spent 22 years in fire and emergency services where he has served his community, friends, and family loyally. He has recently retired as a Division Chief in the fire service last June and has now taken on the role of a successful Business Entrepreneur. Stephen is Co-Founder and Host of the Raising Alphas Project, Director of Administration for Goliath Ventures, Soccer Manager for the Strykers Soccer Club, and recent Author to the Alone in the Fire, First Alarm book. He also serves on the Board of Director for the House of Timothy. Stephen is a husband to his beautiful wife Veronika of 18 years and they have two young, strong boys, Caiden & Kai. 

Stephen has recognized the value of raising his children to be strong, respectful, and humble individuals. Teaching them the importance of God, Family, and life skills. It became clear several years ago when Stephen began coaching soccer how influential he had become in the lives of the young kids he coached as they developed the basic fundamentals of the game. The same could and should be for parents raising their children to be the best person they can be. Teaching them the basic fundamentals of life and how to be a strong, courageous individuals. Stephen puts focus on these core values when Raising his children… Generation Alpha. 

Stephen is a recognized leader in his community and has proven to many of his supporters that having Courage at the site of immoral conduct can lead to great things. Being an Alpha means standing up for what is right, no matter the consequences, and leading by example. He believes in developing leadership through action, strength, and courage. The focus in his daily life is to make a difference in peoples lives by continued support, positivity, and accountability for a new mindset to life. Giving opportunity and shift of mind, to dated school of thought, is an element Stephen provides to people seeking change.